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Book a table...

Yay! You've decided to join us!

We're excited to have you here at our dog-friendly, cosy country pub.

As a team, we try really hard to give our customers the very best experience possible.

We aim to get things right the first time, every time.

But in order to do this, we need a little from you in return.

Not much though, we promise!

All we ask is that you kindly read the following points before booking a table with us,

as time is always of the essence and we'd love to not waste it

by repeating things that are already mentioned below.

The good news is, you only have to read it once, no matter how many times you book.

It really does help us to stay super efficient, so thank you.

Here goes...

Worth Noting

We are not open on Mondays or Tuesdays, except for Bank Holiday Mondays 

Please do not book for these days. 

(Unless you'd be satisfied with a bacon sandwich from the General Manager.

That's about all she can rustle up!)

Our working week is Wednesday to Sunday

If you've booked online, please be patient during closed days and peak service times.

We will always get back to you, either with a confirmation email, OR a suggested alternative time.


Do not use the online booking form for Sunday Lunch, on the same Sunday you wish to book for

Please call us after 10am instead

Try to arrive as close to your reservation time as possible on Sundays

We are limited for space and might not have anywhere to seat you until your table is ready!

Tables of eight people or more will need to provide a pre-order


Be as specific as you can with regards to highchairs etc

For example, is the table for six people plus a highchair? Or including?!

Kindly let us know if the number of people intending to come has changed

We can't even tell you how helpful this is to know when we're trying to plan table layouts!

It also prevents us from having to turn tables away, which costs us money :(

Fully Booked means Fully Booked!

It really does break our hearts to say this, but when we do, it's genuinely because we've reached our capacity at that time

and don't want to jeopardise service for our other customers. (Much like we wouldn't want to for you, if you were booked in!) We know it's disappointing, but we want to keep our standards as high as we possibly can and appreciate your understanding in our quest to be the best! 


We will always do our best to reserve your favourite table at your request, but can never guarantee

It is always dependant on how busy we are 

We do not serve food on Christmas Day


That's it!

Thank you so much for helping us to stay in business

and continue to do what we love.

We'll see you soon...


Please do not use this form for same day bookings!

Kindly call us instead. Thank you!

Book a table

Note that the date box above is the Americanised format,

so the month comes first!

Eg. 5th October would show as 10/05/2022

Tables of more than 8 people are kindly asked to call us, instead of using this form. A preorder will more than likely be required.Thank you!

Have you checked our kitchen opening times

before submitting this form? 

Scroll down for a reminder!

We no longer respond to booking requests made for times outside of our kitchen operating hours. 

Opening Hours Post.png

Kindly note that we WILL be open for the Bank Holiday on Monday 1st May, but NOT open for the one on Monday 8th May.
Therefore, we will NOT be open on Wednesday 3rd May, but WILL be open on Wednesday 10th May.
Thank you!

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