Covid-19 Information

Due to the current CoronaVirus Pandemic,

we're having to do things a little differently for the time being. 

We ask anyone planning to visit our venue to strictly adhere to the safety measures in place,

in order to help protect our staff, customers and the wider community.

Please kindly stay at home if you are displaying any of the following symptoms:

A new, continuous cough

A high temperature/fever

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste​

Company View

We believe we have an equal duty and responsibility, both staff and customers, to keep each other safe

throughout these difficult times. In the event of a localised outbreak, those affected will be contacted by the NHS Contact Tracing System and, depending on the outcome and severity of the situation, could result in a closure period at our venue, for deep-cleaning and staff-testing purposes. Please act responsibly.

Update at 24.09.2020

When on our premises, customers should now:

  1. Follow the limits on the number of other people you are allowed to meet with as a group (no more than 6 people, unless you all live together or have formed a support bubble)

  2. Avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with, even if you see other people you know

  3. Provide your contact details to our team of staff so that you can be contacted by the Test & Trace programme

  4. Wear a mask when entering, exiting and traveling throughout our premises - that includes nipping to the bathroom and popping out for a cigarette! (Children under 11 years of age and those with medical conditions are exempt from this rule)

In an effort to reduce the risk of transmission...


  • Introduced a one-way system around the premises

  • Installed hand-sanitising stations throughout the venue

  • Created a one-in, one-out 'token' system for the toilets to make distancing easier

  • Completed an in-depth Covid-19 risk assessment to satisfy local authorities

  • Completed an online Covid-19 training course

  • Reduced seating capacity to increase the distance between tables

  • Altered staff working patterns to limit unnecessary team interaction wherever possible

  • Encouraged advanced bookings to help keep capacity at controllable levels


  • Attempt to keep all of our patrons, staff and contractors as safe as possible on every shift

  • Wash and sanitise our hands even more frequently than usual

  • Wear masks and/or visors when on duty and when approaching congested areas / pinch points

  • Request that all customers provide their full name and contact number to aid the NHS Track & Trace system

  • Provide table service so customers can remain seated

  • Keep background music at a low level to avoid unnecessary shouting

  • Ensure our toilet facilities are monitored and cleaned regularly throughout the day

  • Encourage debit or credit card payments instead of cash to reduce hand to hand contact

  • Constantly review government guidelines to ensure we are following protocol 

  • Refuse entry to anyone intentionally putting others at risk by ignoring social distancing measures

  • Not play host to gatherings of over 30 people, or accept bookings for tables of more than six people, unless they are from the same household or have formed a support bubble


Wash & sanitise hands regularly

Catch it, Kill it, Bin it.

Always use a tissue

Help us to keep surfaces & furnishings clean

Stay two metres apart & avoid close contact

Our main aim is to make your experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new measures we have in place, please discuss these with a member of our team before visiting.

We thank all of our customers for helping us to continue trading legally and safely