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As a business, we've gone to great lengths to offer a variety of dishes

suitable for gluten and dairy intolerant diners.

So much so, that we now have a separate menu for you to choose from!

The menu itself should be fairly self-explanatory, but please remember

to request our 'free-from' gluten / dairy menus when you visit,

and don't forget to mention your intolerance to our staff,

every time you place a food order!

Thanks so much for helping us to help you enjoy your meal

and if there's anything else you think we should be doing, we welcome your feedback.

Our 'free-from' dairy menu will be available to view shortly...

Bon Apetit, our 'free-from' friends!*


*Although every effort is taken to serve gluten free dishes wherever requested, 

we can never guarantee that all traces of gluten will be completely eliminated.

We have invested in a separate deep-fat fryer that's dedicated to cooking gluten free food,

and have adapted our entire menu to accommodate gluten free diners,

but must state that we are not Coeliac accredited. Customers always eat with us at their own risk. 

More information is available over on our FAQ's page, or you can speak to a member of our team.

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